Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ice cream, where have you been all my life?

Today, after two days of fabulous summertime fun and with summer coming to a close quickly, I decided to give the twins their first ice cream cone. I know, it was a weak moment and out of my character. But considering the sugar they were hopped up on yesterday, a little all natural strawberry ice cream wasn't going to hurt anything. Okay, okay, I also had the thought of Ethan's first time eating an ice cream cone (last September) pop into my head. If you recall he didn't know he could eat the cone... AND we were at a neighborhood ice cream party of sorts where he literally sucked the ice cream out of the cone (a VERY messy feat). So I thought what the heck, I'll break them in early to avoid any awkward embarrassing cone eating events in the future.

Now, it wasn't until recently that they even liked cold things. They are now all over my popsicles and also the Stoneyfield organic yogurt tubes that I freeze. Given those changes, I was pretty sure ice cream would finally be a hit. And it was.

Oliver actually ate the cone like a pro. He didn't miss a beat. Collin on the other hand kept squeezing it and then looking surprised when he heard the "crunch" sound and saw the holes in his cone. He loved the ice cream though, just didn't get the whole cone thing... or was showing off his massive strength... he is a boy after all. Oh, that and smashing it to bits and throwing it everywhere was something he enjoyed too. Gosh, I never tire of him throwing food (she says through clenched teeth).

They are now on their way to being expert cone eaters!
Ethan the now pro eating his ice cream cone. He dressed himself after water day... in a long sleeve Superman shirt and camo hand-me-down pants. Hmmmmm...


And this is where the title came from "Ice cream, where have you been all my life?"

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