Thursday, April 23, 2009

Popsicles with a dirty little green secret

I made homemade Popsicles for the kids a few days ago, which is nothing new because I have been doing that for a couple years. I usually make them with fresh strawberries and yogurt, sometimes add a banana or blueberries or maybe some unsweetened applesauce. I keep changing it up. Ethan and Lauren have always liked them. They are actually "treats," though they are really just fruit and yogurt so they are very healthy.

This year I saw a recipe for Popsicles on one of they mommy blogs I follow. It was a departure than my normal, but I decided to give it a try and was anxious to see if the twins would like them too. The recipe was strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, juice from one orange, raw agave nectar and (drum roll please) fresh baby spinach. I KNOW! That's just wrong, isn't it?!! But she said you can't taste it. This lady actually has an entire recipe book of "Green Smoothies" (which you can make into Popsicles too) and guess what makes them all green? So, I tried it. They turned out a really nice reddish purple color. And I tasted them, you can't taste any spinach (and I used a lot). Really, you can't.
The twins did not like them, but that was really no surprise since they don't like ice cream either - it's got to be the cold factor since they like all that fruit fresh (yes, Steve and I wonder how kids of ours don't like ice cream - we're still pretty sure they are our kids though). Lauren was iffy (and she doesn't know the secret ingredient). She didn't like the seediness of them (I didn't either to be honest) - they are very seedy due to the berries. Ethan, however, liked them. I was worried at first... but he liked them. Tonight he requested one as a special treat after dinner - which was kind of my test. I know when he wants something twice in a row and eats it all, not missing a drop, that it's a winner. One out of four isn't bad I guess. I am going to experiment with some other fruits, probably ones with less little seeds and see if Lauren likes those. I am sure Ethan will. I'll let you all know if I come across any other gems!

Shhhhh... this is our little secret. Deal?

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