Saturday, September 5, 2009

Play date at the Moore boy's house...AGAIN!

Yesterday was a marathon of playing. After our friends left, a few of the neighbors came a knocking. After our basement playroom was sufficiently trashed to match our family room, they went home for dinner... but came back afterwards. At that point we moved it outdoors. Though the twins went in at 7 pm, Ethan and the other kids (and moms) stayed out until 8:30 pm. Whew! Considering that and the efforts in the canopy erection, I decided we needed to just have another water day today. So, it was neighborhood water day (with those still in town).

Today I upped the ante a bit. We added "water trampoline" fun (oscillating sprinkler under the trampoline) and water balloons to the mix of outdoor activity, given the median age had shifted greatly up the number scale. Oh yes, we're talking some serious water fun today.

The kids had a lot of fun, but it was very crazy at the same time (read: for the adults). Lauren came out, after she got home from Brooke's, and went back in after a few minutes. Too much excitement for her even! Boys hyped up on summertime fun can be a bit... intimidating for the weak at heart... yes, that's what we will call it... intimidating...

Here are some photos...

Ethan loaded up with three balloons.

Oliver, smiling big, and getting ready to kick some booty...

Collin seriously looks like he is thinking "where is that kid that took my sand toy... he's gonna get it now."

Water balloon action... stand back and let them start flying.

More water balloon action.

Water trampoline - slipping and a sliding!

Oliver loving every moment - that is one happy face. He kept coming to the net to tell me about everything and how much fun he was having with the boys. He LOVES hanging out with the older kids and is a little daredevil. Didn't care one bit that he was being bounced all around the place.

Ryan taking a sliding belly dive over the sprinkler.

Collin trying to do the bubble wand.

A favorite pastime: throwing buckets of water at each other. Look close, you'll see the water from Christopher's bucket on its way to Aaron.
What another great summer day. Just absolutely loving this weather!! And our canopy, which blocked our direct hit west facing back yard making the few moments I actually got to sit under it so much more enjoyable. Oh, and the fact that this is day two of kids falling asleep within minutes of hitting the bed. I love that very much too.

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