Monday, September 21, 2009

Going to the park with my four boys

This weekend we took the boys to one of our many local parks. This one was new to them and they were all too excited to explore.

As usual, Oliver was all over everything without concern for his size, nor the age recommendations posted. Ethan took it all in, assessed and then went for it. Collin took it all in, assessed it, observed the others, ran around all of it and then decided to try it (truth is he is just as happy in a big open field running, as he is at a playground using the equipment).
Oliver on one of the bigger slides... right off the bat.

Ethan is our climbing monkey anymore.

Collin running and running and...

Stuffing leaves down his pants. Don't ask, we don't know.

The three brothers.

Oliver being a monkey and swinging from this cross bar.

In the end, the favorite was this giant slide that at first made me very nervous (with the twins going by themselves), but I have learned to loosen up a little. They went on it over and over and over.

He would ONLY go down head first... and he wanted to go down it again and again and again.

And when I said that this was the favorite for all... I mean by ALL...

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