Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Does the batcycle have a power?

We've been going out for walks after dinner. The twins in their cozy coupe push behinds...
And Ethan on his batcycle and adventure truck.

The boys all love it. Collin actually turns the steering wheel back and forth the entire time and shifts the gear too. All like he is really driving. They love these things.

Ethan of course loves his motorized fleet. Though his batcycle, for obvious reasons, is by far his favorite. As I mentioned before, Steve added a more powerful battery to it so it didn't putt along.

So, here's what we are wondering. Is it possible for it to have some special power on Ethan? Here's the thing... he gets on it and the smile is instant. And we aren't talking no little smile... it's like a man in a mid-life crisis getting some small fast convertible car, or a Harley maybe, making him feel like a kid again... that kind of smile. That's not all though. He is different on this thing. Ethan is pretty mild mannered, daring but not too daring when it come to things like this, but on this thing he is well... I don't know how to describe it. He folds himself down like he's a race driver (on a motorcycle), he has been also standing up riding it, and all the time he is screaming "wooo hoooo" and "I'm never going to stop" and things of that sort.

On top of that all that, he is disappearing. What, you say? WEll, this thing is faster than most (but really not crazy fast by any stretch - it is just a small sidewalk thing meant for kids his age, not an off road bike), so he tends to get ahead of us pretty fast (okay some is his battery and some is our general speed - we are slow... slow and old...). He has always stopped at turns and waited for us... always. That all changed last week. While on the batcycle last week, he did not. He went on... and on... and on... to the point where we could not see him. Steve had to run to find him (we assumed that he would be around the corner when we turned it as, again, he never ever strays typically), which left me pushing two of these cars. That didn't work real well, which meant I had some unhappy passengers. As it turned out, Ethan was a good 1/4 mile ahead of us this particular time, wind in his hair, yelling "woo hooo" and loving it... without regard for us or anyone for that matter. Just him and the open road sidewalk.

When Steve got back he was red faced and sweating from the sprint. Naturally we spoke to Ethan again about not going ahead of us to where he cannot see us and why not to do such things. He repeated our words, agreed to our conditions, mounted his batcycle, turned up the Meatloaf on the pretend radio, hunkered down and off he went... bat out of hell again.

So, back to the question, is it possible that this batcycle has some power over him when he mounts it? Just saying...

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Krissy said...

Don't you know????

When he gets on his batcycle, he's instantly Batman and has to catch the "billians." Duh!

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