Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Quiet two year olds equals...

Steve and Ethan ran some errands on Sunday, so it was just me and the non-napping twins. I really needed to go through some of Ethan's clothes and start weeding out things that he has grown out of (just this summer!) so I invited the boys upstairs to Ethan's room with me. Normally they are ALL over that. Ethan's room in Thomas the train and they love looking at all of it, playing on his bed and reading all his books.

However, this day, only Oliver came up with me. As I sorted, I called Collin a few times thinking he was just getting something to bring up. He didn't come. So, I walked out to the hall can called him looking over the ledge. Sure enough, he came running to look at me but when I invited him up again, he ran off in a "no thanks mom" kind of way. I was curious about that, but went on sorting clothes assuming he would come up eventually and he was clearly okay playing.

After about five more minutes I asked Oliver to go get him (I know, I know... but I had a lot of work to do... might as well train them early right?). Oliver obliged (see it's already starting to work), only he never came back up himself much less with Collin. And it was really quiet. Really, really quiet. For all of you parents you know that a quiet two year old (or in our case, a couple) means they are up to something.

I went downstairs to check it out and as I rounded the corner at the bottom of the stairs there they were sitting on the floor eating a pile of crackers. There were crumbs (from tiny to big chunks) from said crackers all over the floor. And I found the wrapper, almost empty, with a bunch of crumbs on the other side of the center island.

We had a sleeve of Ritz crackers open with maybe one or two out of it, just waiting to be used with Steve's chili he had made. I thought it was back far enough on the counter, but clearly not far enough for my clever Collin who can get at food (and remotes, matchbox cars and just about anything he desires) no matter the level.

Now I know why he was like "no mom, I'm cool hanging out down here". Given that it was all over the first floor, I am guessing he was getting crackers and walking around the house cramming it in in case I came down and caught him. Probably once he took a bite of one, since they have never had a Ritz cracker but instead only Kashi seven grain crackers (read: never had unhealthy crackers, only ones packed with fiber), that's when the real cramming started... knowing it wouldn't last (read: I'd stop it).

Oliver kept calling them cookies (and even he couldn't cram them in fast enough). Ha! That really speaks to the food I give them normally.

Sigh... and I actually thought I could get something done. Well, I did get about half way through Ethan's clothes before I made this discovery... and then lost a half an hour to crumb pick up. Lesson: quiet boy(s) = trouble. Seriously, you'd think I was a rookie!

BTW, I had their clothes, they just had no interest in getting dressed.

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