Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rain, kicks and donuts

Today was the first soccer game in the rain. We knew it had to happen, but we hoped it wouldn't. It did. Drizzly yucky cold humid soaked-to-the-bone rain.

However... today Ethan kicked the ball! He kicked the ball during the game! He kicked it hard and he kicked it in the correct direction. The smile on his face was priceless. He actually made contact a few times today. Don't get me wrong, he spent a fair amount of time in the "beehive" (the cluster of kids running around together following each other), but he is making strides. And it was so miserable today with the rain, but he still came through!

Collin lined up today for the after game snack. I am not sure if he just knew, or if he eyed something that looked good or his nose took him there or what. But he was front and center with the kids on the team. Zach, one of Ethan's coaches, saw him waiting patiently, with a little drool I'm sure, and picked a snack just for Collin. Today it was Timbits. Yes, Collin's first donut ever. Chocolate glazed nonetheless. He held cradled this donut hole in both hands as if it was a treasure and just smiled and coo'ed at it. Then he licked it. Yes, licked it. Several times. Savoring the taste. Huge loving smile each time. The first bite... you had to see it... there is no describing it. He lovingly and slowly ate that donut hole, enjoying ever morsel and making the most content happy sounds the entire time. He actually was ear to ear grin and all happy sounds the entire way home. Who knew a little donut could bring such joy?

Now Oliver on the other hand, Zach gave him a donut because he gave one to Collin and didn't want him to feel left out (he wasn't lined up and wanting one). Oliver threw it down. Like Zach had handed him an undesirable brown lump of something that he had to dispose of it immediately. I think he even yelled "NO!" Again, not so sure he's our kid.

BTW, sorry about that title... I am really tired and my creativity is just not there...

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