Saturday, April 18, 2009

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice cream!

Ice cream is a favorite special treat in this house. However, early last fall I realized I was deficient in the ice cream area, that is for Ethan at least. The neighbor had all the kids over for ice cream cones. Here’s the thing I didn’t realize, in all the excitement and the sheer number of kids present (noise and commotion), Ethan didn’t realize you could actually EAT the ice cream cone. He was also not listening to me because he wanted to play. So, picture him trying to suck the ice cream out of the cone… without eating the cone... he had ice cream dripping off his entire face (because he loves him some ice cream). Yes, mom of the year here… my kid did not know what an ice cream cone was. Ice cream – yes (though a little secret… he thought the Yo Kids Squeezers yogurt tubes that I would freeze were ice cream too until last summer) – but not the cone part.

It was so nice last week that I decided to buy some cones and show Ethan the joy of eating the cone. He actually remembered last fall when he had one at the neighbor’s. When I explained that you can actually eat the cone part, he was excited but a little confused, until he tried it. This time, he had no problem eating it - cone and all! We are now prepared for the next ice cream get together... whew!


Amy V said...

That is hilarious... but you know what??? it makes ME want ice cream just reading about and see pictures of um. :)

Tricia said...

That one had me laughing....Jonah all ready knows what a cone is. ; )

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