Wednesday, September 16, 2009

But I'm only four!

Tonight I called Ethan downstairs:

Mommy: Ethan, please come downstairs
Ethan: Why?
Mommy: You have homework for school.
Ethan: Homework?! But I'm only four years old, how can I have homework?

And so the struggle with homework begins... at the ripe young age of four... in preschool...

His homework was to draw his family members in a cut out of a house that they sent home. So he did...

He also insisted on using his bug stencil to draw a bug in our house... as a family member. (in the photo, it's on the right hand side. you can't see it in this very well, it was done in light blue pencil)

Ethan: I want to use my bug stencil to make a bug in our house.
Mommy: Honey, you are only supposed to draw your family members. We don't have any bugs in our family.
Ethan: Yes we do.
Mommy: No we don't.
Ethan: Yes we do. They fly around me every morning at breakfast.
Mommy: (thinking: oh this is going to sound good to the teachers and the class)
Mommy: Okay, we have some flies. Who let those flies in? (what? does that sound defensive to you?)
Ethan: (thinking... knowing full well...)
Mommy: (giving Ethan the "you so know who did it look since I have pointed it out a thousand times.")
Ethan: Me. (giggle, giggle)
Ethan: Well, me and my brothers... and actually sometimes daddy leaves the door open too. Oh and sissy too. And my friends. When they come over they leave it open all the time too, remember?
Mommy: (thinking: geez...way to take everyone down with you buddy.)
Mommy: Right, but they really aren't family members and they don't stay for long. So let's not tell people that there are bugs flying around at breakfast, okay?
Ethan: Okay. But I still want to draw a bug in our house.
Mommy: Okay, but remember our deal?
Ethan: Sure do.

How much do you want to bet that tomorrow at circle time when they are showing off their artwork and explaining the inhabitants of their homes... Ethan will focus on the bugs flying around in our house? Let the whispering begin... "there are those Moores, I hear they have bugs..." Who knows where that will go from there... and we are only in preschool. Lovely...

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