Friday, September 11, 2009

Hello Room 18!

Ethan started preschool today (kind of weird to start on a Friday, huh?). He was a little apprehensive about the new room, new teachers, new friends, etc. I decided to take a vacation day so that I could take him and pick him up.

We went to the open house yesterday, where you meet the teachers and get a passport to go around to all the subject areas (gym, spanish, art and music) to meet each teacher and talk about what you will be doing. And most had you do a little activity. He did okay... he didn't hide his head under my shirt like last year, which I was very grateful for, but he also didn't talk to anyone. Being a very shy kid (and adult) myself, I felt for him. Thus, the day off today.

He did pretty well at drop off. No tears... from/by him... only by me... in the car... afterwards, but no talking either. And you will see from the photos... no smiling too. I had told the teachers (yesterday at the open house) quietly of his apprehensions and of course they are used to that. And since he was doing his 'head in the clouds', no smiling, no talking, not listening (deep in thought/fear/whatever), I told them about that too and that I saw the signs for it this morning.

When I picked him up, the teachers came up to me immediately (read: ran to me in excitement) and told me how well he did. They said he was shy at first, but enjoyed telling his friends about his stuffed friend in circle time and it only got better from there. As it turns out, there are three girls from his class last year and one boy from his Friday story time class last year in his room. AND there is also a little boy from his infant II room from the day care days. His mom and I recognized each other, but they didn't. They were only about 15 months old when she left to stay at home after all. And now we have these little men. Wow, amazing to see them now, remembering them then.

There are only six boys in the class of 14 kids (or is it 16... I forget). Last year the ratio was opposite. Should be interesting for the little boys... but maybe easier for the teachers. The other little help, strange as it is, is that Colin (the boy from his Story time class last year) has the same lunch box as him which helped reignite the friendship. Now, it's not a super hero lunchbox if you can believe it. It's a brand spanking new Laptop Lunches Bento System 2.0 (no lead, no phthalates, no PVC), hot of the presses with a cute little alien design on it (it was aliens or flowers... I'm writing to them about super heroes). On a side note, when I brought it home, after buying it, Ethan and Oliver ran off with it, sat on the sofa together and dissected it - looking over all the parts and pieces and discussing it... like it was the coolest thing ever. (score one for mom!)

So, all in all, a good first day. He said that his new friends liked his stuffed friend. He picked "Floppy" to bring. Floppy is a rabbit stuffed friend that is well... floppy. He has used Floppy as a pillow for probably three years now and NOTHING else will do. Nothing. With all the washings, Floppy has seen better days. Daddy has done some repair sewing over the years, but among other issues, poor Floppy is on his forth hemorrhoid and this one is here to stay it seems. Poor guy.

Ethan also said loved gym and music today. And that his teachers were funny because they kept teasing him - because of his super hero shirt - about Collin and Oliver's name being other super heroes names (obviously this was done to make him laugh and get him more comfortable... and that it did... score one for Mrs. B and Mrs. S.

Here are some photos...
Ethan with Floppy and his new lunchbox (over the shoulder or hand carry... snazzy) before we went to school. BTW, he picked his outfit today... Batman of course (yesterday for the open house it was Superman).
At his cubby in the hall. Look at that face...

When they come into the room in the morning, there are all kinds of different activities set up on the different tables for them to do until circle time. This is a peg board with pegs. Again... look at this face! (and those are with me BEGGING for a smile and also trying to get him to say something to bring on a smile)

Through the window as I was leaving.

At pick up, with his teachers. MUCH better! Got him to say "cheeseburger" even, which is the face you are seeing. MUCH better!

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