Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hearing tests

Yesterday we took the twins to Children's Hospital for hearing tests. If you recall, Collin is still not talking and the doctor wanted to make sure he wasn't missing tones. He comprehends very well, so we didn't think it wasn't that he couldn't hear but maybe just some missing tones which was making it difficult for him to talk. Oliver on the other hand was more just because, since he is talking. Though he doesn't always respond to us calling or talking to him, as in he's in his own world, he does talk quite well. W had him tested just in case he wasn't just really focused in his own little world and was instead having hearing issues.
In the waiting room before the appointment.

Oliver went first and much like the two year appointment (without the escaping) he did perfect. He didn't care what she stuck in his ears or how many times and loved the sound room. They had a light up duck (focal point) and then a Pooh Bear and Tigger on the right and left that lit up and spun around when the sound got to a certain level. He loved it! The entire time he was pointing at them as they lit up and saying "It's Pooh, there he is!" "Duck. Quack, quack" and so on - cracking both the doctor and I up. He clearly thought it was a game and an exciting one at that. The end result... he's basically ignoring us, either just to ignore us because he doesn't like what we are saying or because he is focused on whatever he is doing. Turkey!

Collin, much like the two year appointment, was a force to be reckoned with... it was not pretty. I should also say the appointment was at 8:15 am, so we had to wake them up early and neither one was ready to get up. Therefore, suffice to say, Collin was also grumpy... very grumpy. He was having nothing to do with anything in or around his ears. He kept ripping it out. So, pulled out my ace in the hole - the golden binky. Offered up my negotiation, he seemed to agree and then he reneged on me. Continued to throw a fit when she came near. I then ran out and got some food from Steve, which she graciously let me give him, and he still wanted nothing to do with it.

So, she taught me how to put the ear bud in one ear and then left for me to do it all myself. Nope. Not having it. Toys, bubbles, cars... nothing at all worked. We even tried to let him play with an Otoscope and he still wanted nothing to do with any of it. At that point, we dropped that portion (the picture of the ear and the sound waves bouncing off ear drum) and went to the sound room. He did okay, but melted down a couple times. There were times too that he did not turn to a sound. Afterwards, we tried the ear buds again (which have to be done one ear at a time) and he still fought us. She then discussed coming back in a few months and what I can do at home to prepare him for it. Then, on a whim, we tried one more time and he let us do it. He became interested in the bubbles and playing with the wand himself (something we offered before). Thankfully we left not needing to come back and knowing that his ears are working fine for speech at least.

She did say that for sure he is hearing enough to not hinder him from talking, but whether he can completely hear everything she's not sure. We need to go back a year from now.

That's good news. However, now we are back to wondering what it is. Is he just stubborn and waiting to talk complete sentences... in Latin, Japanese and French? Or, could it be what his speech therapist's gut feeling is (but doesn't have enough input from Collin to officially diagnose) which is he has apraxia*? I am REALLY hoping for the former, but I guess we will just have to wait and see (and continue to treat as if it is apraxia).

*I know this is the first time I have mentioned her gut feeling regarding Collin having apraxia. I am still "chewing" on it a bit and trying not to worry before we know for sure. But of course, at the same time, getting myself familiar with it and treating him as if he has it (getting his mouth muscles working) since it can't hurt either way. More on this topic to come...

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Jen said...

Matthew absolutely HATES the hearing tests! Nothing works to make him cooperate. Nothing.

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