Sunday, September 27, 2009

Collin did it

Dear random people in China, Europe, Canada, as well as, friends and family:

I am very sorry for the continuous prank calls you have received over the last year. As you know my two year old son, Collin, loves phones but knows not of what he is doing (or so that is what he tells me).

At this point, it seems that an apology is now in order for his texting. Please let me just say that I am not responsible for what he says in these texts. Yes, I realize that I am his mother and that I should be held accountable... but have mercy on me... I am a full time working mom of four... four who are clearly smarter and possess more energy than me. My six sense and eyes in the back of my head signals are getting all crossed. I think they are covering for each other, creating diversions in other areas so as to cover for each other and mix my special mommy signals rendering me virtually powerless.

Again, we have discussed his use of my cell phone with him; which by the way, we are not sure how he gets his grubby little hands on it as it is never within reach. Collin's solution, which he diagrammed and presented impressively to Steve and I, was that he get his own cell phone. He even researched the best plan. However, I want you to know that we do not intend to give him one and will do our best to control his current use of my cell phone. Therefore, we hope that the random calls and texts to you at all hours will cease. Though I am not making any promises.

Thank you and have a nice night.

Look at his thumbs fly on that full QWERTY keyboard.

"Dude, you really didn't just send that did you? You are going to be so busted."


Amanda B. said...

Hi Wendy! That story is very funny. :) Amazing how kids figure that stuff out. Those would certainly be interesting texts to get! ha ha! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, I did use a food dehydrator. The one I have is a "NESCO (American Harvest) Food Dehydrator and Jerky Maker." It is super easy. I sliced the apples super thin (I left peels on, but you can take em off too) and soaked them in a solution of Lemon Juice mixed with cold water. I didn't measure because I wasn't sure how much to use. I just poured some lemon juice in a bowl and then filled the bowl the rest of the way with cold water. i don't think it takes a ton of juice. (this keeps the apples from browning while dehydrating). Anyway, I soaked them for just a couple minutes and put them in the dehydrator and turned it on! That's it! Very easy. The booklet that came with my dehydrator said it would take 6-12 hours. I think most of mine were in there for 8 or 9 hours. (You can take em out as they get done and leave undone ones in there longer.) The thicker they are sliced, the longer it will take. So, that is it! Very easy! Good luck to you! :)

Sam said...

LOL, what a cutie! You're a very lucky woman. SWEEEEEET

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