Tuesday, September 8, 2009

If you can't laugh at yourself...

A while ago Amy T. posted some photos us from senior year in high school on Facebook. Her birthday I believe, in her basement. And though many of us, men and women alike who were pictured, thought that she should need to have written consent from each of us before doing such things... we had to admit they were pretty darn funny. And if you can't laugh at yourself...

Somehow funny old photos came up in conversation, between chasing kids, on Friday when my friends (none of which I went to high school or even college with) were over for the play date. Many of them somehow missed them on FB, but remembered and laughed about similar photos circulating of themselves. We even debated on who had the biggest hair back then.

Since these are plastered all over Facebook for the world to see , I thought I would share. I present to you, for your viewing enjoyment (read: side busting laughter), said photos:

Now, for those of you who didn't know before, what decade do you think we went to high school in? I'll help you out. Big hair was in - for girls and boys apparently (like duh!). Like OMG we so all talked like this OMG (and like so owned the book that like taught us how to talk like that... like OMG)! George Michael was still straight (in our minds at least). Jellies weren't just for sandwiches, they were also for your feet and wrists. Apparently bright blue, green and bright pink eyeshadow was in (in my mind at least). Along with a horrid product known as Sun In for your hair (dad, why again did you let me spray so much of that crap on my hair, thus turning it orangish, during our trip to Sarasota?). Oh, and really ugly sweatshirts and sweaters (sorry girls). Did you guess???

Now, can you guess which was me? If you guessed the one with the sea shell sweatshirt (just returned from Florida) - you're right! Though that sweatshirt appears to have only two nautilus shells strategically (and inappropriately) placed on the front, it actually was a row of four... and I'll have you know that it was quite the stylish thing back in the day! Steve made me sell it a year ago in a garage sale. The nice lady with the Coppertone tan and bleached blonde mullet who bought it seemed to really love it too. Hmmm... must be back in style again.

You know, on second thought... maybe the title of this blog post should have been "That much hair in one place should be illegal."

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Tricia said...

That wasn't very nice to use George for a laugh. : ) Man...I have got to find pictures.

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