Friday, September 4, 2009

Play date at the Moore boy's house!

We had a play date with some of my friends (Jen, Marcia (Jen's mom), Amy and Tricia) and their kids (Matthew and Darren, Cameron, Ainslee and Jonah) today. It was intended to be a water day and general backyard fun day, but with the majority of the kids in the two year old range it wasn't exactly as much water or playing as I thought. They all still had fun, both outside and in our family room. Ethan also gave Marcia a lesson on super heroes.

I didn't think to photograph this, but we put up our canopy for the first time and it took, well, four of us. It was a complicated one with side awnings and none of us had put one up before much less one with side awnings, but we did it. It definitely had its comical moments though!

I think the kids enjoyed eating the most (and trashing the family room... oh and running out of our yard), I know mine did. Marcia ordered us pizza - thank you! And I also had some salsa, guacamole (thanks for making it Tricia), grapes, and stuffed bread. Jen brought over cookies and cupcakes. Collin and Oliver had never had lofthouse cookies before, nor the cupcakes like Jen brought. They were excited. ALL the kids were excited. They all went back for seconds. Collin then walked around holding them close so no one could get them.

Here are some photos...
Darren and Marcia on the steps eating pizza. Matthew falling asleep in the chair. Poor guy - it was nap time.

The only little girl, Ainslee, quiet as a mouse the entire time.

Ethan, Jonah, Collin and Oliver eating desserts.

Jumping fun with Darren, Ethan, Jonah and Oliver.

Amy and Cameron. Cam trying to decide if he wanted to get in the pool. BTW, sorry about the soaking you both received from Oliver right AFTER I told him NOT to get you wet.

Collin with a thickly iced smashed cookie on his chest and also a cupcake in his hand. It's hard to tell in this photo, but his face and hair... okay, his entire head... was covered with icing, guacamole and sand. Nice combo.

The family room. Jonah, Cam, Oliver and Collin. This is not a good photo, because believe me there were toys on every square inch of carpet and furniture.

I think the kids had a lot of fun and hopefully everyone is in a deep sleep right now... and also sleeps in late tomorrow! Let me know ladies. Can't wait to have another play date.


Tricia said...

It was tons of fun and can't wait to do it again. Thanks for having it at the Moore Playland.

Amy said...

Cameron and I had lots of fun and look forward to doing it again. Thanks for inviting us. :)

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