Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day four...

and daddy is like the energizer bunny... kind of... On his staycation with the kids so far, he took them to lunch out and to a store on Monday (buying all four a little gift), to the park on Tuesday, to COSI on Wednesday and shopping "around Polaris" today (which seemed to consist of at least three or four stores). Impressive. Especially considering going anywhere with our kids takes an army... and/or sedatives (for us). Really. I believe Amy, Steve's sister, said it best (when she was talking about her family of three kids which includes a set of twins): "we bring chaos wherever we go" - we have since embodied that statement ourselves.

He did have Lauren to help him and BOTH Lauren and her friend, Claire, with him at COSI (he's not crazy after all - back-ups needed). And COSI did only last two hours on the dot... before he threw in the towel... but still impressive nonetheless.

He is a wee bit antsy and has a tiny bit of tone, just a tiny bit... you know, like an elephant is the tiniest mammal on land... when I get home. He quickly writes it off (read: justifies it) as the long day with the kids and I am thinking (okay, I said it too)... 'ahhh grasshopper, now you have learned.'

Yet, I have not found him huddled in a corner, rocking back and forth and drooling. No. He is still going strong. He even took Lauren and Claire to see Harry Potter last night (of course that might have been a good excuse to get out of the house and sleep for a couple hours). And who knows what he has in store for the kids tomorrow... but they are definitely having a good time on their staycation adventures with daddy.

Wait a minute, do you think he's trying to steal my 'favorite parent' status?!! Hmmmmm...

The only photos I have of the COSI adventures (or of any adventures this week)... from Lauren's cell phone: Ethan on the carriage in the old town (kinda creepy lookin' huh?)

Lauren, Claire and Ethan on the carriage

Oh wait! Daddy just walked in (he's found a reason to escape the house every night this week - not that I can blame him) and he does have one photo from COSI on his phone after all!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who am I?

This is an old Ethanalogy, but still funny.

I, like many moms (give this one to me please), do not do my hair and make-up on the weekends... or my days off in general. And though for some people that's not really noticeable, it seriously is for me as I look completely different (no comments please). However, if I am going out or to work I do both things and also try to dress nice.

One weekend day last September after I started back to work (after being off with my broken right elbow for a while), Ethan looked at me with thought and then said: "Mommy, today you are mommy, but sometimes you do stuff to your face and your hair and you become Wendy."

Monday, July 27, 2009

Uh ohhhhh...

Building on the oh no they didn't post...

Daddy is home with the kids this week while Erin is on vacation. He said the twins were fighting their nap, having a good old play time in their cribs. He had to check on them several times. The last time he went up Collin was not in his crib. Collin was not on the floor looking at books. Collin was not anywhere in the room that he could see or hear, yet he was certain he hadn't opened the door and walked out. He said he started yelling for Collin, while Oliver just stood in his crib and laughed. No sign or sound of Collin. He called his name some more. Nothing. Then heard a little rustle in the closet. He opened it to find Collin had pulled down their extra blankets, burrowed down into them and was hiding in the closet and apparently closed the door...the door was only slightly open. Collin immediately started laughing, as if it was a game. Seriously people, we are not ready for the toddler beds yet! Much less twin soon-to-be two year old boys that are clearly smarter than us.

Oh, and daddy asked if he could go to work tomorrow rather than stay home with the kids... after just one day. By the end of the week, I'll probably find him huddled in a corner, silently mumbling to himself with drool falling from his mouth. Three boys four years old and under can have that affect on you after all.

Just kidding honey - you did a great job, you'll be fine this week... but for the record you did rather seriously ask to go to work tomorrow instead.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Okay, this falls under "it's just the small things..." category, but since this is a scrapbook as much as a blog, it's making it in!

At lunch today I was eating the salsa that my neighbor, Karen, made special for me... without cilantro (yuck!)... for the mommies play date Friday. Now, you remember my failed attempts to make salsa... it wasn't pretty. But Collin did eat it. Karen's is, however, much more oniony and garlicy than what I had made, though also all around better tasting too. So, when Collin expressed interest, I was skeptical, given the "bite" of it as typically Oliver is the only other one in the family that can handle any kind of "bite" in food. Collin loved it though. So much so that I gave him his own little bowl and chips. He went right to town dipping his chips into the salsa, scooping up mini mounds of salsa on his chips. Ever so delicately (which is not Collin at all) he did this until his bowl was empty... and then he wanted more. He and I were neck and neck for this salsa gold. Which means... I have a comrade in the house for salsa eating!!! The first ever! Woo hoo!
I have to say too, that it is so frigging cute to see a toddler dip his tortilla chips in salsa like a big boy!

Again, it's the small things people...

Lovey comforts

Typical Collin after waking up... surrounded by blankets (must touch his face), binky in mouth and a lot of objects in his hands (which we wonder how he keeps there all night)...

Our cute little man of comforts.

Is that the... I know how to...

It's just been a girl's night palooza around here this weekend - lucky mommy! I went out with Jen, Amy, Cathy, and Brenda last night. We went to dinner and a movie and had a great time.

But possibly some of the funniest moments were as we were going home. Since Jen and Amy probably didn't think I would do this... I SO am going to...

Jen thought she spotted the moon behind some trees... "Hey, is that the moon? I said... is that the moon??!"
We were thinking "Huh? One glass of wine and she thinks the that [a Shell gas sign] is the moon?"
And our driver, "I know how to get home" Amy... um... well... hmmmm... here you go Amy...
Edited for Jen (who didn't think I did it justice with the above alone - and rightfully so, it was pretty comical - and wanting someone to share the spotlight on blonde moments with her... sorry Amy!):

A: I know how to get home from here. Turn right here, right?
J and W: Um, no left.
A: I knew that... I am just turned around.
J: You know to get on 270 N up here, right.
A: Of course I do! (successfully getting onto 270 N... with some more assistance)
W: (from the backseat) Um, why are we in the 315 South exit lane?
A: Oh, um, I don't know... **ha, ha**...
J: Are you sure you know how to get home?
A: Of course.
W: (seeing the 71 north sign and exit quickly getting ready to pass) Um, Amy, you need to get over like now to go 71 north... um... if that is where we are going... (thinking, where are you taking us?)
J: Didn't you used to drive this route to and from work for a long time Amy??
A: Oh stop giving me a hard time! I know how to get home.
J and W: Uh huh... sure you do...

Ha! Great times and good laughs! Thank you ladies!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mommies play date

Last night we organized a mommies play date in the back yard. After all, even mommies need play time, right? We all hang out watching our kids together, but yet rarely get to actually talk much less relax during that time. So we thought it would be fun... and it was! We set up a canopy, chairs, a lantern, bug candles and a table to hold all the food.... and there certainly was a lot of fabulous food... with some adult mommy beverages as well (LOVED the Bellini Alyssa!). Not bad for pulling it together in a couple days... which goes to show you, never underestimate what moms can do in a short amount of time with resources they already have!

We had a lot of fun talking about all kinds of [adult... for once] things and just enjoying each other's company.

Ethan was very curious about the event, looking out the window at the set up and seeing the moms come. He wanted to know why were doing this. I told him mommies needed to play too. He said he wanted to go, but I told him that it was just mommies. Whose mommies he wanted to know and as I listed them he said "all my friend's mommies?" I still want to come he said. Apparently this was the conversation at a few of the houses as well. They never want to miss out on anything. But he also wanted to know how it went this morning. So cute.

Thank you ladies, that was a wonderful time.

Pool time with friends

Yesterday Aunt Tricia brought Jonah and Ainslee over to visit. After some debate (okay, not much), we opted for the gated deck instead of the open yard. We wanted them to have fun but come on, three of the boys are two and under... and did I mention boys (??!!)...we aren't crazy!

They had a blast! Here are some photos of the fun.

If you heard screaming around 3 pm-ish yesterday, no matter where you were in the country, not to worry... it was coming from here.... all four boys lined up at the gate and had a scream off. Our backyard has an echo, which made it all the more fun... for them... not for our neighbors I am sure.

Jonah looking very innocent inside the playhouse...
Collin really liked Ainslee a lot. He kept coming over and touching her and smiling.
Collin found a somewhat ripe strawberry in one of our strawberry pots and decided to eat it right off the plant...

All in all another great day of summertime fun, love the perfect summer weather this year. And another day of happy and tired children.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A scene from the kitchen

Open scene: Daddy standing in the kitchen surveying the table area and what needs to be done to help mommy set up for dinner. Mommy standing at stove. All three kids in the adjacent family room.

D: "Holy crap!" (sounding like something shocked him, especially since we don't use that word in front of the kids)

M: "What?!" (thinking a kid was doing something incredibly dangerous and that they would be going to the Children's Close to Home Urgent Care... again.)

D: "Is that a real spider?!" (sounding very concerned with a strong undertone of 'no way I am touching that thing!')

M: "Spider?! Where????" (thinking if daddy is afraid of it that she might never be able to sleep in this house again as surely it is a tarantula or at least something big and hairy)

D: "On the window sill. Is that a real spider?!" (clearly concerned)

M: "What? Where? Ohhhhhh..., that can't be real." (said hopefully, while saying a prayer and heart is racing)

Pan over to family room, Ethan enters kitchen after overhearing panicked conversation between mommy and daddy.

E: "That's not real. Uh, sorry, I put it there and forgot about it." (sounding like "really, you're the people that are supposed to protect me and you're afraid of a plastic spider?")

D: "Are you SURE you put that there Ethan?" (still an entire table length away from it)

E: "Uh, yes dad. I'm sure. I put it there. If you touch it, it will be hard as a rock. Trust me." (Confidently walking towards it)

D: "Ethan, are you SURE? I don't remember you having a spider that big." (panicking as Ethan gets closer)

E: "Yes, yes... it's mine. It will be hard as a rock. Trust me."

Mommy edges up to Ethan, just in case it isn't fake and then she reaches for it (she doesn't want her baby to touch it if it is real) - still very nervous though - after all the man of the house is still very far away and skeptical AND he's the resident spider catcher! Sure enough, it IS hard and it IS fake and mommy and daddy breath a collective sigh of relief.

Ethan then walks around giggling about the fact that his parents were afraid of a little plastic spider.

Daddy comments once more that he really didn't think Ethan had a spider that big.

Mommy laughs so hard she cries and can't breath for a few minutes... but at least she can sleep tonight.

End scene.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


When Ethan was not quite two years old we coined the term "fingerberries." This was born from him always putting raspberries on the tip of his finger and then eating them off. He loved fingerberries... and he loved putting them on his fingers. He still loves both things... and we still call them fingerberries.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We love Sandra B

The boys (and adults) in this house love the Sandra Boynton books... ALL of them. (Thank you Amy C. for starting our collection when Ethan was born.) One of their favorites is a very simple book called Blue Hat, Green Hat. Basically, it shows different animals putting on pieces of clothing only the turkey keeps putting his clothes on incorrectly... and so when it gets to him it says "oops!"

When the twins see that this book is one of their nightly stories, they get excited. Oliver usually starts saying "oops" almost immediately. Collin smiles and sometimes with jerk himself back a little when he hears the word oops, as we normally exaggerate it and that is his way of exaggerating it (since he isn't talking). Even Ethan, when he hears the beginning, will come running for it shouting "wait for me!" if he isn't already there. Suffice to say, it's loved.

Here is a video of Ethan reading the book to Collin and Oliver at bedtime...

This was actually not the first reading of the book that night, so Collin wasn't as animated as he was the first time it was read unfortunately. But if you look close you can see his smile through that binky. Oliver's excitement is obvious, as is Ethan's.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A simple joy of summertime…


Yesterday our neighbor, Kris, brought over watermelon slices for the kids. When Collin and Oliver came out, after the failed attempt at a nap, Collin found Ethan’s slice on the kid’s picnic table (of which Ethan only had one or two bites from – playing was too important to him yesterday). Collin picked it up, smiled and took a big bite, stretching his mouth as far as he could. As he continued to eat, watermelon was dripping all over him and his face was reddish from shoving it into the watermelon so as not to miss one single bite. He ate it down to the rind at which time I took it from him, which caused a HUGE melt down. I am talking he protested in a major way that caused heads to turn and eyes to stare. It was the last piece of watermelon and the banana I gave him didn’t appease him one bit. It took flight actually.

Since I certainly could not deny this simple joy, I went at lunch today and picked up a watermelon. He loved it all over again… and I got some great photos this time.

Oliver, my camera loving child who says "cheese" whenever he sees the camera and smiles huge. He wasn't as smitten as Collin with the watermelon but ate some.

Ethan "Mr. Face" Moore... on a side note, I almost cried when I saw these photos... he looks so grown up! When did that happen?!!

And drum roll please... the watermelon loving kid of the Moore family... Collin...

As I was handing it to him he was smiling HUGE, wiggling his fingers and making his happy sound. When he had it in his possession, he promptly stuck it in his mouth and then just sat there like that for a long while... as if to savor the taste as he is below...
And one of his huge bites...
Down to the rind...
It looks like he is thinking: "Watermelon my love, where have you been all my life?" (notice the watermelon beard)
The second piece, while still [insisting upon] clinging onto the first...
I remember as a kid eating slices of watermelon at family picnics. At that time, the prehistoric ages, we didn’t have these fancy virtually seedless watermelons. We had to spit out the black hard seeds – which as a kid was a lot of fun actually – or so we made it that way. I guess some summertime joys never change… just, in this case, get easier to eat.

For Steve and I, the real joy of this summertime treat was the show... ahhh how these kids make us laugh.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


We had more outside fun today. It was such a beautiful day, not too hot and not even too sunny (for a west facing backyard that is a good thing). It's really been a wonderful and somewhat mild summer in the Midwest - yay!

We got out the bounce house this morning that we bought on some super deal spend inducing crazy sale before the holidays. The boys loved it, especially Oliver and Ethan. Unfortunately, Collin got out before I got the camera.

Sporting their new haircuts and matching Superman shirts (which I wanted to get a photo of all three but didn't get it done before they went out and then the shirts were history so to speak).

Collin loved the sand and water table, which has been a huge hit for everyone for years.

Oliver also loved the sandbox.
After lunch, we had some of the neighborhood kids join us for a bounce house and water day (pool and sprinkler). Unfortunately it was too hectic at first to get the camera and then I forgot about it later. There were a lot of good photos to be had though. They all had a lot of fun. And best of all, for us, the twins completely passed out by 7:15 pm and Ethan by 8:15 pm. Happy and tired kids = good summer day.

By the way, poor little Ethan was walking like an old man this morning. Between the 1k run, all the bouncing and climbing yesterday and play time with friends yesterday afternoon/evening... his little legs were so sore. He was making us carry him and walking so slow and funny. It didn't take too long for him to get them back into working order though. (I REALLY need to get better about getting the video camera out - that would have made for some funny memories, not to mention funny footage.)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Genoa Trail Festival

Today was the Genoa (township) Trail Festival at McNamara Park, which right up the street. We went with Karen and Aaron our neighbor, then our other neighbors came later (thanks Karen for telling all of us about it). We actually went early so that Ethan and Aaron could participate in the 1K fun run where they raced the firefighters. It was actually a long way for their little legs, but they did awesome! And the firefighters were fabulous, of course, hanging back with the little ones and pumping them up to finish. The race benefited MDA.

The start of the race...
Ethan and a firefighter making their way back to the finish line...
Almost there...
Aaron and Ethan celebrating their victory (freaking cute photo of them that I snagged from Karen)...
Afterwards we went to the inflatable area, where we met up with some other neighbors as well as daddy and the twins. Everyone had a blast. The twins even got in on the action in a bounce house.

Bounce house fun! Hard to see Collin because he had a red shirt on, but all three boys are there...

Jonathan and Ethan in the "bounce castle" (as they all called it)...
At the top of the big slide in the bounce castle...

We of course went to the playground too!

And had a little food...
Though it started raining and cut our time there a little short, all the kids all had a lot of fun!
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