Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fall kick off party!

Our home owner's association had a fall kick off party today. It had large inflatable fun things, balloon art, face painting, games, firetrucks, a band and more. We started out with Steve and I and the boys, but the twins didn't last long. They had fun, but most of the things weren't for little people and patience for lines is just not their thing yet either. They humored themselves by spending most of the time playing chase - as in we had to chase them. Ethan and I stayed until about 8:30 pm however.

Most of our neighbors that were in town went so we arranged for a canopy (one of the other neighbors - I am still not ready to take ours down - too much work to get up) and food. Actually, we were a little behind in the coordination so there were a furry of phone calls and emails today between the five families going regarding plans. Kind of like being back in high school and making plans, only this time it wasn't "what are you wearing and how are you doing your hair?" It was more like "What are we bringing, when are you going, where are we setting up, etc." Yes, not as exciting, but it's a mom's job I guess. And we managed to pull it all together and have quite a spread and a good location. Well done ladies!

Here are some photos:
Ethan and Oliver in an inflatable bounce thing.


One of the giant inflatables. They had some really good ones, not your normal bounce house things.

Collin running from us... this was him the ENTIRE time.

A very tired Oliver.

This inflatable you put on a vest which is attached to a rope and another person on the other side. You have to touch your "football" (in his hand) to the goal posts before the other person. It's basically tug a war in a sense. Ethan's opponent was a bigger kid so we were concerned, but Ethan REALLY did well. We have no idea who would have made it since the kid ended up throwing his "football" through the posts when he got somewhat close. Dude... where are your listening ears?

Ethan and Christopher in one of the firetrucks.

Balloon sword.

Ethan and Christopher playing with their balloon creations. Christopher had a spider hat.

Christopher, Cameryn and Ethan.

Ethan climbing the big football inflatable.

Okay, this one I wasn't too sure about. You had to stand on these blown up circle stands (trying to balance basically) along with three other people. You swing this giant heavy ball at each other trying to knock each other off. When you are knocked off, you are out. Guess how long it took Ethan to get knocked off? Give him credit for trying though, I looked at it and thought "no way!"

It's been a marathon weekend of fun events the last three days... I wonder what tomorrow will hold for us...

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