Sunday, September 20, 2009

The three visitors and their green power

Today we had three unexpected visitors... Batman, Spiderman and Robin. With their myriad of tools, they ran through all three levels of our house chasing billains (villains). They had so much energy... they were just non stop.
I have a little secret. Come closer...shhhh... I gave them green smoothies for a snack. No really, I so did. And this wasn't the first time. I think Steve's exact words to me when he saw it in the making was "isn't it bad enough you do that to our kids, but the neighbor's too?" I'm still working on him, he's not quite aboard with the whole green smoothie thing yet.

At any rate, today's smoothie was three cups of raw baby spinach, one large carrot, frozen pineapple, a orange, a few strawberries, grapes, a little vanilla yogurt and a little milk (to thin it some)...oh and a little raw sugar... you know Mary always said "a spoonful of sugar makes the ...." The verdict? They loved it... again. Batman (who does not live here) even asked for seconds. The Wonder twins, who joined the mix after day three of refusing to nap, get really upset when it's all gone, which happened quicker than I thought today. Mini meltdowns over no more green smoothie... kinda funny all things considered.

Of course one of the acclaimed benefits of green smoothies is energy. Not that four and five year olds need more energy, they don't (but they do need greens). Just saying I think I gave them a power boost unbeknownst to them. I am pretty sure at some point I am going to become the cool green smoothie house. "Ethan, let's go to your house. Your mom makes those awesome green smoothies. How again does she get them so green? Never mind, what do I care, they are awesome." "Hey, has anyone ever noticed how much more energy they have after being at Ethan's house?" "She is the coolest mom ever!" What? I can dream, can't I? They are really good and the kids do really love them and aside from that, I'll have you know that I do have my cool moments... really... I do... of course when your audience is boys ages two to five, it's not too hard.

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