Sunday, August 2, 2009

Target and my disorder

I love Target. I don't exactly know why, but I do. I love it even more when they clearance things. Well, let me rephrase - I love it even more when I hit the store on that magical day that things were just marked down 75%. However, when this happens, my disorder comes out and I am on a mission that cannot be stopped. I just keep thinking about all the other Targets in the city and how they all could have clearance product I want and how I must go to each of them and gather my bounty of deals. I wish I was joking... or exaggerating... but sadly, I am not.

Friday was one of those days. After work my mission was to get things for the twins for their birthday, get the cake for their combo birthday party with Victoria and Nicholas and go grocery shopping. Since we had been eyeing some clearance items for the twins at Target, I happily headed there first. I quickly discovered that I had either hit the store on the day or the day after the 75% mark-down as many of the items they had in abundance were scarce now. Fortunately they had two of the items we wanted and they were under $3 each now! Then I found a few more items... all around $2. Woo hoo! But they didn't have everything I had seen in the previous week and I was sure that Collin and Oliver would love all these items. And then it started... the insane sensible mapping of Targets along my route. The obsessing over deals out there to be had. The switch had been flipped. Must. Find. Deals. Must. Find. Deals. Cannot. Stop.

Six Targets later, oh yea - I said six, I had quite a few more deals. All of which were around the $3 point. Unfortunately there were items that I still could not find, that were on the shelf earlier that week. But, I refrained... even though there were still five more stores in the city to hit. I could barely sleep Friday night though, knowing I had not hit all the stores and there could still be desired items sitting on the shelf...

As crazy as this sounds, the crazier part is that the traffic was so bad that I didn't even stay on route - I was all over the place. Between a really bad accident backing up the highway for miles and a also another highway being completely closed (much to my surprise), I didn't follow any logical route, but instead was far south, then far north, then far south and then far north again and was also detoured to places I hadn't been in years. This, probably more than rational thought, is why I didn't continue my mad quest to conquer every Target store in the central Ohio. Seriously, in the day, I could and would have hit all the stores. I am just that crazy frugal.

I thought about calling this posting 'Target caused my disorder'... but I couldn't... because honestly both Kohls and Macy's deep discount clearance events send me spiraling into the abyss of crazy must find deals mode. So, I guess I need to blame all three of them own this one myself.

Hello, my name is Wendy and deep discount clearance deals at Target, Kohls and Macys make me do crazier things.


Jen said...

I don't think I even know where 6 Target stores are... and you said there are more?!? Yikes. You are, I mean frugal.

Tricia said...

You need to get help.. ; )

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