Sunday, August 16, 2009

"I'll watch them for you."

Steve and I were at Jen and Jeremie's house last night with the kids (whom she told us to bring) for a cookware party. When we were lured off for our couples sales pitch, Jen said "I'll watch the kids for you." Halfway into our sales pitch we hear a loud bump on the floor and then Oliver screaming at the top of his lungs.

This is what happens when Jen watches your kids... consider yourself warned.

Okay, you know I am just joking... they totally told me I had to blog it like this. Though, really, we weren't gone that long and look what she did to our kid!

In fairness to Jen, she was feeding Matthew and thought that the other six adults in the room had her back in watching Oliver. And in fairness overall, I am sure it happened in a split second as all bumps like this do... right?


Jen said...

Okay, I told you to blog about, but not BLAME me entirely!!! I was feeding Matthew chicken nuggets and there were like 6 other adults standing over your children... what were THEY doing???

Tricia said...

Jen...I think I have you beat watching the kids. I think we almost drowned Oliver. Wait a minute...why is it always Oliver???

Amy said...

I was playing with Cameron on the sofa when I heard the thud. I had just asked Ethan where Collin was, since I noticed that only he and Oliver were in the room... Had I been asked to watch him, he probably still would have had the bump... :) Did you see how excited they all were bouncing on that toy?

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