Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day four...

and daddy is like the energizer bunny... kind of... On his staycation with the kids so far, he took them to lunch out and to a store on Monday (buying all four a little gift), to the park on Tuesday, to COSI on Wednesday and shopping "around Polaris" today (which seemed to consist of at least three or four stores). Impressive. Especially considering going anywhere with our kids takes an army... and/or sedatives (for us). Really. I believe Amy, Steve's sister, said it best (when she was talking about her family of three kids which includes a set of twins): "we bring chaos wherever we go" - we have since embodied that statement ourselves.

He did have Lauren to help him and BOTH Lauren and her friend, Claire, with him at COSI (he's not crazy after all - back-ups needed). And COSI did only last two hours on the dot... before he threw in the towel... but still impressive nonetheless.

He is a wee bit antsy and has a tiny bit of tone, just a tiny bit... you know, like an elephant is the tiniest mammal on land... when I get home. He quickly writes it off (read: justifies it) as the long day with the kids and I am thinking (okay, I said it too)... 'ahhh grasshopper, now you have learned.'

Yet, I have not found him huddled in a corner, rocking back and forth and drooling. No. He is still going strong. He even took Lauren and Claire to see Harry Potter last night (of course that might have been a good excuse to get out of the house and sleep for a couple hours). And who knows what he has in store for the kids tomorrow... but they are definitely having a good time on their staycation adventures with daddy.

Wait a minute, do you think he's trying to steal my 'favorite parent' status?!! Hmmmmm...

The only photos I have of the COSI adventures (or of any adventures this week)... from Lauren's cell phone: Ethan on the carriage in the old town (kinda creepy lookin' huh?)

Lauren, Claire and Ethan on the carriage

Oh wait! Daddy just walked in (he's found a reason to escape the house every night this week - not that I can blame him) and he does have one photo from COSI on his phone after all!

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