Thursday, August 13, 2009

3 little boys + 1 mommy + 1 day road trip = how many hours of prep??!!

Okay, so admittedly, it's gotten better as they have gotten older, however I still feel like I am packing up the house whenever we go anywhere. In this case, the boys and I are going north to meet with my friend, Amy T, her two girls and Aunt Krissy. More on that later.

It's a one hour drive there and we will be there from late morning until probably late afternoon... that's it. Simple enough right? So, why have I already logged an hour of prep? This doesn't even include the half an hour Steve spent hooking up the DVD players in my mini van... those wondrous inventions that let you travel without crying.

Even with that time logged already, I am still only half way through my list. Yes, list. Not that it's extensive or includes anything obscure (and therefore easy to forget). It's just that I suffer from CRS (can't remember... uh... stuff). Right now my friend Jen is probably laughing thinking - "is it typed, bulleted and diagrammed like her other lists?" No... so you know I will forget something...
Now she's thinking "ha, she photographed the list...priceless!" (am I right Jen?)

After all that, I still have to pack up the car and don't even ask how early I have to get up so that I can even get ready myself before the boys all get up. So, really, how long does it take to pack for probably only an eight our day trip with three kids? Or maybe, the better question is when does it take less time to prepare then the entire trip takes?

Ha! I just noticed that "butt cream" is the item most in focus in the photo of the list... nice. But remember what we have been dealing with for over a week now... sigh...


Jen said...

You are right! I'm surprised it's not in alphabetical order!

Tricia said...

LMAO! You are right, Jen! Was it only one page, Wen?

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