Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our big bouncing new addition

We are now proud owners of a trampoline! Our neighbor's daughter, Claire (also Lauren's friend), decided she was done with it after six years of much use and love - she just turned fourteen. We were lucky enough to have it given to us.

We haven't quite decided where to put this beast of a 15 foot trampoline yet and Steve is commenting on the growing "clutter" in the backyard and how it might resemble... well, you get the picture... but we know it's a great addition for the kids (especially with Collin and Oliver's sensory issues still) and one they will love for a long time. And honestly, "growing clutter" like ours says you have young kids who love to run, play and jump outside... and that's not such a bad thing!

Here are some photos of its journey to our yard. Fortunately their yard backs up to the open space as well, they are only about five houses down AND they helped us. The fact that it has wheels also helped.
While we took a break to plan some tricky areas, Ethan decided he had a long enough break and started pulling again by himself and quickly said: "Uh, some help here guys, please."
Here are the boys enjoying the trampoline in its temporary spot.

So, come on over and jump with us! And...um... if you want to help us move the swing set and this trampoline around... all the better!

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