Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day of pre celebrations and firsts

Today Steve took some vacation time and spent it with Lauren and Ethan for a little pre-school starting fun/celebration time. Lauren starts her sophomore year in high school tomorrow. Ethan starts preschool in a couple weeks.

They went to lunch at the House of Japan (Steve and Ethan's first time - I've taken Lauren before). Apparently Ethan really liked the "fish on the floor" (under the floor), but was not really crazy when they lit things on fire. When I asked him, he said "well, I really liked eating the lunch, but I didn't like the fire." Lauren said it was delicious.

Steve told me they got the "Imperial Feast" which had chicken, steak, shrimp, rice, salad, and sorbet. Shocked, I said, "who ate the shrimp?" (since none of them like shell fish). He said that he and Ethan ate it. Then getting excited (since I am the ONLY one that likes shell fish in the house), I said, "Did you like it??!!" He said, "It tasted like chicken." Deflated, I asked if Ethan liked it. Steve said, "he didn't even know, again, it tasted like chicken." Sigh... maybe someday. (and seriously... when has shrimp tasted like chicken... wait... I know, I'm make shrimp and call it chicken... they'll never know... since it "tastes like chicken"... I'll get them eating it one way or another!)

Here are some cell phone pics:

Ethan cringing at the sight of the fire:

Lauren and Ethan outside HOJ:

Afterwards they went to see Ice Age 3 and from what I hear ate a huge bag of popcorn - just Lauren and Ethan.

Then, after dinner, Ethan had his first soccer practice. He was actually on a wait list to get onto a team, which they let me know this afternoon that he got one. I was told that we would be contacted by Friday regarding practices. They actually ended up calling tonight and saying there was a practice - so off Steve and Ethan went to practice.

I guess it went well... as well as it can go with a bunch of four year olds running around in their first year of soccer... if you know what I mean. I have memories of Hannah, Kendell and Nathan over the years in their first years of soccer, so I knew exactly what would happen... and Steve confirmed saying there was some flower picking, random sitting in the middle of the field and running off done by all. He did say that the coaches really tried to keep the kid's heads in the practice by asking them questions about what was happening. At one point Ethan was supposed to be scoring:

Coach: "Ethan, what are you supposed to be doing?"

Ethan: "Well, I don't really know what I am supposed to be doing."

(laughter by all)

I'm guessing they don't expect much at this age.

Ethan was also very excited because one of his old preschool friends, Jacob, is on his team. Steve said that at one point they were holding hands walking around the field. (say it with me: "ahhhhhhhh")

More to come on both school starting and soccer... as I am sure you are sitting on the edge of your chair with excitement!


Tricia said...

I can't wait to see video of soccer! I have mine from Hannah and Jonah had his first round (2-3 year olds) this past Spring. Talk about torture. Maybe you should put the twins in soon...let them run and get that energy out. : )

Karen said...

Ryan and Aaron love House Of Japan... As is eating there. But Aaron is so completely freaked out by the fire that we have to stand on the fish and wait until the "cooker man" has left.

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