Sunday, August 9, 2009

The State of the Rears Address

The twins STILL have lingering virus symptoms. Their little red rear ends are getting better, but it's still a frequent 'issue' and therefore a struggle to change them with much fighting and screaming on their part (okay and maybe some tears on our part too). They are not sleeping well at all. Last night, Oliver was up every hour on the hour like a cuckoo clock and the truth is daddy and I are a little cuckoo at this point ourselves. Today they threw in another no nap day which culminated with Oliver completely melting down at dinner saying "all done! all done!" when he hadn't even taken a bite yet, and quickly moving to just tears and screams. Fortunately, Collin did eat some... and didn't cry... at least not at dinner... saved his meltdown for the diaper change and bath (which brings him no relief like you think it would).

Ethan seems to have either allergies or is getting a cold as he was sneezing all day and his nose is very congested. Neither is a symptom the twins have had during this fun, fun week long virus. Oh joy, something new!

So, here's how you know that you are exhausted and completely spent from a week of virus ridden toddlers... Ethan and I went to Whole Foods today to get a few items. He decided to sing one of his new VBS songs... rather loudly. It is a really easy one that basically goes "When I'm down, He lifts me up!" and repeats that over and over in a fun upbeat way. Not only did I not seem to care how loudly he was singing it, but without even thinking about it I started dancing and bouncing up and down for him to the song's words... for a few aisles... in a store that packed with people... of the more affluent variety. Yep, that's when you know that you need to head straight for the wine section, get a bottle, put it in the chiller, finish your shopping and call it a day. Which I did. And thankfully my four year old reminded me before we left: "mommy, don't forget your bottle that's in the chiller thing." Bless you my child.

Here's to hoping this virus ends soon, for the sanity of everyone under this roof.

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Karen said...

Hey, kids can teach us that it's OK to sing and dance in aisles of a greocery store and who cares what others think? :)

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