Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh, of course... green beans!

Ethan's friend Aaron was over tonight when the twins were getting ready for their baths. There was a lot of crying by the twins, due to their little red rear ends (suffice to say, still not any better), and I was explaining to Aaron that they were sick and didn't feel well (in general terms). He asked me why but I didn't really have a good answer because I don't really know how they got sick. He was in the kitchen at the time and happened to notice their dinner which was still on their highchair trays. He then said knowingly to me "Oh, I know why they are sick... it's the green beans. They make me sick too." Ah yes... vegetables do have that effect, huh buddy?

They actually didn't eat any green beans... it was hopeful on my part that they would eat anything.

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