Sunday, August 23, 2009


We had some family visitors this weekend - Great Uncle Keith (my uncle) and cousin Lauren came in from Maryland. They were in to see the Egypt exhibit at COSI which my mom's cousin Kate worked on and coordinated (and even went to Egypt to the tombs for research - how cool is that?!)... and to see us too. Unfortunately we couldn't join everyone for the exhibit since we had already planned the big neighborhood party by the time they planned their visit, but we got to see them on Friday night and today.

The boys decided to perform and bring out all their boyness for them... jumping off the arm of the sofa onto the sofa seemed to be the favorite activity.

Oliver mid-flight onto the sofa. Collin is going head first off, after his tumble onto the sofa before Oliver.

One of Collin's tumbles.

Oliver cracking up after his landing.

Tickle time with Lauren and Ethan.

Oliver and Collin making Great Uncle Keith draw things for them.

I am thinking, every time they visit, that Lauren is putting off parenthood for XX number additional years... not that my kids would have that effect or anything. I am also guessing that's why Will, Lauren's boyfriend, hasn't been here in a while too. And that Keith is saying silent thank yous that they only had one child, Lauren. Okay... they aren't so silent... he says them out loud.

What can I say... we have BOYS!

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