Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hillbilly curtains no more

We've been slowly un-baby proofing some things around the house over the last few months. Among those are the family room curtains. Curtains... baby proofed you say? Yes, I'm not proud of this, but they are long so they kind of took on their own form of hillbilly baby proofing - we wrapped them around the rod. Classy, I know. But when we first did it, the twins were well under one year and pulling on them ALL the time... and well... I still hadn't sleep in a very long time (by the way, anyone who says that twins are a six month blur is lying... LYING I tell you... it's a good year at least). Once I finally woke up, came out of my haze and started feeling human again after the first year had passed... well, I was too lazy to come up with something different. All I have to say is children change your priorities. I'm just sayin'...

As it turns out though, we not only un-hillybillied up our family room but the twins think we got them a new toy! Bonus... for them that is.

"No one can see me... I'm invisible [giggle, giggle]... this is so cool, I wonder where this came from... they'll never find me in here [giggle, giggle]..."

"Ahhh, you found me!"

"Hmmm... I bet if I pull it tighter and wrap myself around in it several times... then they'll never find me...[giggle, giggle]... I could do this ALL day long... [giggle, giggle]... mommy come find me... "

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