Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy 2nd birthday boys!

Yesterday was the twins second birthday. I honestly cannot believe that they are two years old, because they will always be my babies. In some respects it seems like just yesterday and sometimes it seems like years ago, as our life has been packed full of adventures with them.

We had a birthday pie for them today (since we ended up getting home so late yesterday and they were tired). I had actually made an oatmeal raisin cookie cake Thursday night, which I might have overcooked a wee bit. So, next to one made by mommy, nothing says love like a homemade Amish pie right? We stopped on our way out of Mansfield to get one.

As I reflect, I still sometimes can't believe I have these wonderfully funny, unique, loving, ornery little boys in my life. It was a rough road to get them, they came right on our last attempt, and it was a rough pregnancy and the two years since have had their rough bumps... but all of it was so worth it. Steve calls them his "duggas" (one of their first favorite sounds to make was "dugga, dugga, dugga"). He says "I love my duggas" and it shows in his eyes and voice. I think we are both still amazed that we have them, that they are so uniquely funny, how much they have brought to our lives and our family and just how wonderful they are. And we know very well just how blessed and lucky we are to have them.

Happy birthday Collin and Oliver, we love you whole, whole bunches!

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Jen said...

Wow! I didn't realize their birthday was Friday. (I should remember it b/c it's also my uncle's b-day!) Why couldn't you have just had them a week earlier on my birthday??? Then I'd never forget!
PS - where is the apple orchard you go to in Mansfield?

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