Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My sick little boys

The twins have fevers and some nasty gastrointestinal thing going on as well. It started yesterday afternoon and doesn't appear to be waining just yet. So, mama stayed home.

Collin is especially cuddly (which isn't all bad, I did enjoy that - better if he felt well) and you can just tell he doesn't feel well. He isn't finding joy in his normal toys or much of anything. And if I don't read his mind fast enough, his mouth opens wide, then he gets the hurt look on his face and the crying starts. It's awful!

Oliver is walking funny from the before mentioned issue... poor little man, I feel so bad for him. Fortunately I know when it is happening because he says: "oh no, oh no, oh no..." He is also VERY short on patience and quickly throws things when they don't do what he wants or I don't do what he wants.

Neither is eating much of anything, though I did get 1/2 a banana in each of them at lunch and Collin at some pasta at dinner. But, not to worry, they are drinking plenty of water.

Ethan has complained off and on about his belly hurting. However, he didn't sleep well Sunday night (per story yesterday) and had a huge day yesterday between VBS and Neighborhood Bible Club (NBC) last night...until 8:30 pm! So, I am not yet sure if he has what the twins have or if he is just exhausted and therefore doesn't feel right. Time will tell. I hope it's just exhaust, as three kids with fevers and gastrointestinal issues is never ever a fun thing. And since we are a sharing family, it usually means the two parents will also get it... and the sister who came home from Aunt Amanda's tonight. Hmmmm...this is getting ugly. Okay, we're going with that it will stop with the twins. Gotta go wash everything in hot water!

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