Thursday, August 20, 2009

Maybe if I...

Last night I made steak.

Okay a little background: it's suffice to say that after I birthed children my cooking abilities went away. Alright, my cooking abilities, some of my brain and memory and many other things disappeared. I would like to think that I passed them to my children while pregnant... but we'll have to wait and see on that one.

Steak is always a tricky thing for me to cook. Steve likes his well done and I like it medium. But since I am outnumbered by Steve and the kids (who should have it well too), I cook it well... therein lays the tricky part... the fine line between well and over cooked (and in all fairness to me, I am usually juggling the cooking of side dishes and sometimes children - if Steve isn't home yet - as well).

So, again, last night I made steak. Certified organic grass-fed beef from the farmer's market. I marinated it for three hours. Grilled it. Imagined it being just perfect. Served it to my family...

Statement made by Ethan last night at dinner, after putting a piece of steak in his mouth and chewing... for a while...

"Maybe if I drink some milk it will soften it up."
(drinks entire cup of milk, with steak still in his mouth... chew, chew, chew...)
"No, that didn't work. Maybe if I drink some water, that will soften it up."
(drinks half a cup of his water... chew, chew, chew...)
"No, that didn't work either. Hmmmm..."
(chew, chew, chew, chew.......)

It was clear he meant no harm by it (meaning he didn't know to blame my cooking) and was just thinking out loud... and being honest.

I was stunned by his commentary of this thoughts, but he had a point. Steve could barely sit in his seat, holding back the laughter and tears, as he was nearing the five minute mark on chewing his first piece of steak himself.

Sorry family, maybe one day mommy will get her cooking groove back... until then, we'll be working on those jaw muscles.

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Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean! Cooking even the easiest of items (like pasta) has totally escaped me. Lets hope all of the lost abilities have been transferred! Melissa

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