Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sick boys update...

The twins are still sick, though Ethan isn't complaining about tummy pain today and seemed fine.

Since the twins were up all night crying and Collin spiked another fever right after the six hour point (motrin wears off), I decided to stay home with them again. They slept until 9 am, which was good considering the night. They seemed to have more energy and play some today. They also ate some dry cereal this morning. However, right about noon the crying commenced and nothing made them happy at lunch AND they never took a nap. It might have something to do with the fact that everyone seems to ring the doorbell when they are trying to sleep or just fell asleep. Why? Why the doorbell people? Do you not have kids? Do you not know the possibilities of what you are doing? Try knocking first... then if that fails move to the doorbell. Sorry... done with my rant.

As you can imagine, without a nap the afternoon just slid downhill fast. And since they still have the gastrointestinal thing, they were even more unhappy. Collin is actually now suffering as bad as Oliver. Collin actually did not even want to walk at all after an "episode." He just stood there and cried. I swear to you that I must have changed both their diapers twice an hour all day. It was worse than when they were newborns and Ethan was still in diapers then as well... plus they fought me and cried every time. I mixed up some brand new aquaphor/mylanta mix which hopefully will help. Poor little guys.

Please let this end soon (I can't change another one of those diapers!!!). Toddlers with gastrointestinal issues is not a fun time... for anyone...

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