Saturday, August 15, 2009

Roadtripping again...

Yesterday we headed up to north to meet one of my oldest friends - Amy T. - or as she is also known as Amy I (Amy C. is Amy II). Yes, it's true, my two longest (I hate the word "oldest") friends are both Amys. Amy T. also happens to be the friend whom I have known the longest - 33 years this month actually - we met before we were born... really...

So, I packed the boys in the van and we headed up to Mansfield... again. The boys are going to think it is mecca of all things cool soon. As a matter of fact I didn't tell Ethan the location we were going, just who all we were meeting and what we would be doing. When I parked the car, by the carousel, he said "Oh, this is Mansfield." It just so happens the Mansfield is about halfway between our hometown (where Amy was visiting) and Columbus... and it has a few fun things to do.

We started at the carousel. Aunt Krissy (who met us as well to help with my boys gone wild) took Oliver and Ethan on since Collin wanted nothing to do with it. Amy and her girls, Rhianna and Arielle also went on... a few times. They love it.
Aunt Krissy, Oliver and Ethan

Collin, eating bunny crackers and hanging out while the other rode.

Amy and the girls

Rhianna posing for us.

Arielle and her webkinz

Ethan and Oliver loved these rocking chairs.

Amy and Rhianna

Then we had lunch, which went pretty well considering we were outnumbered by children.
Here's a group photo of all the kids. I can't tell you how old I feel knowing that Arielle is 9 years old already! I remember when she was a fresh baby! Time flies.
Collin loved their Webkinz (one of which is in his hand)... I was really worried I was going to have to buy one!

Onto the apple orchard. Ethan and I are actually avid apple pickers. Well, okay, I am the picker and he is the eater, but suffice to say we love it and do it many, many times a season. This was, however, the twins first time picking apples. Perfectly enough, the first time Ethan picked apples was the day we met Amy and the girls in Mansfield three years ago this month. The twins loved it, just as Ethan had. Took to eating the apples right away... of course. Collin loved the eating a lot and also loved to point out good apples to pick. Oliver loved to follow the girls and Ethan around. They both had a great time.

Collin running off... yet again...

Walking to the next apple area. Look at Oliver and Ethan's walking sticks! And notice Collin is still munching an apple.

Afterwards we went to a big park nearby where the kids got to run and play. A fenced park would have been nice with the twins, but there wasn't one. At one point at the orchard's sales area (which was a store but with many open areas to the outside and also the equipment), Amy decided that we were past "one on one" with the twins and needed to move to "zone defense." So true. The twins love to run... and if it's away from you or to something they shouldn't be doing - all the better. At any rate, the park was no different. One cute thing I didn't get on camera (okay, I missed the park on film completely) was hugging trees. There were huge trees and he would run up and hug them. Very cute.

Ethan and the girls met some other children at the park and formed some sort of group. While I was trying to sooth the twins who were getting tired and hot, Ethan ran over for a drink and then told me he was going to have a group meeting. When I called him to go he came with what looked like "war paint" on his face... which had me thinking I might have wanted to pay closer attention to what type of group meeting they were having. Hmmmm...

These photos done really do it justice - his face and hands were covered with dirt.

All in all the day was great - very hot - but fun. Unfortunately I would say that Amy and I actually only got to talk without interruption for maybe 54 seconds and I am not sure we ever fully finished a thought, much less a story. Sigh... Regardless, it was fun and we look forward to seeing them next year when they come visiting again... maybe we will get to talk more then... ha, ha, ha, ha (as if!)!

Oh and in case you are wondering (per my Thursday post)... it took me another half hour Thursday night and then three hours to get myself ready, get them all fed, dressed, changed, changed again (remember issue), car loaded, double check list, etc. before we got off on Friday morning... 45 minutes later than I had planned...

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