Monday, August 31, 2009

Splishing and a splashing

Saturday we took the boys to one of our free splash parks. It was their first time. Oliver warmed up very quickly, he is our little daredevil without thought. Ethan was a little slower. He walked around and checked it out, getting up his nerve to get wet and venture into some of the more adventurous areas. Collin was the slowest to warm up, but eventually he did.

Regardless of how long it took to warm up, they all had a blast running around in general, if not in the water. It was the perfect day weather wise too! Loving the weather this summer!

Here are some cute photos from our adventure...


The water was shooting up over his head here, but he just walked on through as if it was nothing - he loved it!

Ethan got up his nerve to walk under the narrow waterfall.

Collin loved to try to catch the water in his hands.

Ethan and Oliver:

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Jen said...

Which park is that? It looks awesome!

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