Sunday, August 16, 2009

The socks

Ethan has a pair of socks that he loves. I mean he LOVES them. They are actually what we might consider 'loud' socks in that they are very brightly colored. They have different sea animals on them and really are quite fun in all honesty. However, Ethan just loves to wear them ALL the time, pulled up high, with shorts... no matter if his outfit remotely matches them or not. And there is no talking him out of it, as again he "loves [his] fun fuzzy socks." He especially loves to wear them out in public because as he says "I want to show [insert any of the following: my friends/ my family/ my teachers /everyone] my cool fuzzy socks!"
He also loves to act silly while wearing them.
I guess it could be way worse...

Amy C. - do you recognize these??

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