Sunday, August 2, 2009

Twin birthday squared

We had a family birthday party for the twins yesterday - both sets. Since Victoria and Nicholas' birthday is a week before Collin and Oliver's, we decided to combine them this year. It worked out great because both sets of twins are into Dora and Diego so that was our theme.

The kids had a blast of course, but there was a wee bit of craziness with all the kids and four little ones with the birthdays.

Cake time...

The birthday kids lined up for candles (Collin refused to keep his hat on)

Present time...

Okay this is one of my $2.48 finds - a little Rocket from Little Einsteins - Collin played with that the entire time, the whole way home and when we got home until bed (he's actually napping with it as I type this today). See... THAT is why I clearance shop... okay, that's only part of it... but it's a big part. Really.

Oliver loves books!

Nicholas with one of his presents

Victoria with one of her presents

Pinata time... Collin and Oliver's first!
Collin pulling a string with daddy's help

Oliver pulling a string with daddy's help

The rush for the loot

Oliver was in love with the pinata. He loved pulling at the remaining strings and then loved playing with it afterwards.

Ethan and Isaac playing with Victoria's Dora doll house she received. Making sure all the rooms are set up just so... that would be Moore boys for you...
Collin loved his cousin Samantha. He would find food for her to eat at lunch and also gently pat her throughout the day. So cute!

The car ride home (camera phone)...

Oliver passed out...
Collin, still playing with Rocket...
Ethan zoning... still with party hat on...

Twin birthday squared = success!

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Tricia said...

Looked like lots of fun!

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