Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The popsicle brothers

Much to my surprise and glee, Oliver decided to eat one of the spinach...er.. I mean berry popsicles!

As I have said, the twins don't like anything frozen... not even ice cream... at least to this point. But that all changed tonight. I gave Ethan one of his berry popsicles after dinner and Collin let out his plea for some (he wants anything and everything that anyone and everyone has to eat). I put one in Collin's mouth and he made a hilarious face, shuttered and then turned away (actually he threw his entire body around so I could not put that horrible thing in his mouth again - or at least that was his body language). Oliver was then acting interested and typically Oliver is the last to try anything. So, I gave it a shot and to my surprise he grabbed the stick and started going to town! Fortunately the one I had left was half a popsicle since I had run out of mix making it, so it was the perfect size for him. He actually really loved it. Smiling and saying "Yummy!" the entire time he ate it. And he ate the whole thing!

When I grabbed the camera to take his photo here, he took the popsicle out of his mouth and said "cheese."

Looking a little like a Davison here... and quite funny with his popsicle goatee.

Okay, so I know this is not that exciting for all of you, BUT Oliver is the one child that will NOT eat a vegetable. Not one. And I just got him to eat spinach (albeit incognito)! Score!

Ethan called them the "popsicle brothers."
The king of cheese here.

Now, if I can just get Collin to like them... in time I am sure. Of course, Collin will eat an entire head of steamed broccoli himself, a bag of raw baby carrots (and cooked carrots too), green beans galore and tons of salad (Romaine lettuce or spinach even) as he did tonight - even eating some of dad's. So, I am not as concerned about him and veggies.
Munching on a baby carrot... after all, according to him, he couldn't be the only one without something to eat (the other two were eating popsicles).

Just goes to show you, for a mom, sometimes it's the small things...

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