Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spidee moves

All three boys have been scaling the back of the sofa for the kitchen ledge, a trend that started with the super hero himself - Ethan. It might be for a tv remote, a toy (that was purposely put up there away from them), books, or maybe even just to say hello (in Ethan's case). I am expecting one of them to climb onto the ledge itself sometime soon. Expecting and dreading...

I actually caught Oliver on film during his climb for the bedtime stories tonight (which we keep up unless supervised since they are still into bending them backwards and what not)... Oliver getting down with his prized book and Ethan getting up for no other reason than just because he can...
Other than this, the other fun has been Ethan flipping over the back of the love seat. Something the twins are wanting to do as well (yes, that's a heart stopper!). It has not now, nor ever, been okay for him to do this... and we never say yes to it no matter how beaten down we are. But for some reason climbing the back of the sofa to the ledge and flipping over the sofa are something that no one is able to control: we can't control them from not doing it and they can't control themselves from doing it. Three boys... help us... seriously, really... help us!

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