Friday, June 26, 2009

The Moores Six Illustrated

While I was scanning a photo for the zoo post, I found these cartoon illustrations of us and thought it might be something you all would enjoy to see.

Steve's friend, Art Baltazar, drew these for Steve. He's an illustrator... of comic books of course (Tiny Titans and a bunch of other things??).

For whatever reason, Steve always calls Lauren and I blondes... as you know we are not...

Our 2008 family cartoon

Steve...ah, ha, ha, ha!

This was when Ethan called himself Diaper Bammer the super hero.

This is our 2009 cartoon... looks like Steve got the right hair color for Lauren and I and apparently another one of my characteristics as well - thank you honey (yes, that's sarcasm). He also said that Art was drawing really fast and the twins were drawn before he had a chance to say that they are up to Ethan's shoulder now!

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