Thursday, June 4, 2009

Creative excuses

All of you that are parents can appreciate the efforts to prolong going to sleep. In our house, it's been mainly Ethan needing to tell us about his elaborate plans to build the rescue mountain center, build a jet and visit the care bears in the clouds, build the new Justice League Headquarters and invite everyone, and things along that line. When he comes down or calls us up there, we get the details of his plan including materials he needs to accomplish whatever he is currently planning and stores we need to go to for these items. From what I am told, these are quite the deviation from the normal "I need another hug or kiss", "I need a drink of water", "I need another story", etc that most kids give in order to prolong bedtime. So, though it can get frustrating by the 10th trip up, we do appreciate his creatively.

Last night though he gave me maybe one of my all time favorites... not lacking in creativity but certainly less elaborate.

I heard Ethan come out of his room and knew he was standing at the top of the stairs (though I was not in view). I called up to him:

Me: "Ethan, I told you that you need to go to sleep, we have a big day tomorrow."
Ethan: "I have to tell you something."
Me: "Ethan, really, it's time to go to sleep. Please go to bed."
Ethan (sounding REALLY annoyed with me): "BUT my butt tickles!"

Sigh... just another day in the life...

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