Friday, June 19, 2009

It's over!

Our appraisal for refinancing was yesterday and we so glad it is finally over. I have no idea how it went, but considering we bought during the peak in 2003 and are trying to refinance in the worst housing market ever... it's likely we haven't appreciated much, if any... which sucks. At least we knocked out some house projects and for that I am happy.

However, the massive push to finish things in our few spare hours of the day as well as our normal sleeping hours has left us for the moment thinking (Kathy, stop reading at this point... just turn away) - we do not want to see a paint brush, much less deep clean or do yard work for a long time. We just want to sleep... and play with the kids... and sleep! I have man hands for crying out loud... rough dry man hands. I rub the Burt's Bee hand salve on them at night... it says a "farmer's friend" and well... it isn't working. My hands are worse than a farmer's at this point??? And I (as is Steve) am sick of running around Steve like Chester the terrier in the Spike and Chester Loony Tune cartoon... remember those? "What can I do to help you, huh, huh? What can I do, huh Steve, huh, huh?" As Steve was constructing things (bedroom/bathroom project, trim, etc), I was constantly trying to help... and it honestly reminded me of this cartoon. Comical... but not... you know?

So, we will continue to clean the kids...and ourselves... but all else... nadda. If you want to come and visit, come now while the house still looks and smells nice.

Okay, I'm kidding about the not cleaning... a little.... maybe...

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