Friday, June 19, 2009

Girl fight

In our house for whatever reason there are always fights over toys... even if we have multiple of the same exact toy in the same exact color bought at the same exact time. The twins have been doing this for a long time. Oliver, who was always the first to roll, crawl, scoot, walk, etc., would swipe a toy from Collin who was just laying there playing and run off in whatever movement mode he had mastered at that point. We used to tell Oliver that Collin was bigger and that some day he would be sorry for always talking Collin's toys. That day has come. Collin has been swiping toys from Oliver for a couple months now and Collin is bigger... much bigger... and though not as fast, he is fully mobile.
This might be the worst... example. We have a Spiderman ride-on or walk behind scoot toy. Only one. It was Ethan's. Oliver was riding it when Collin decided he wanted on it. Collin, in his polite way (read: yell at Oliver and try to take over the steering wheel), tried to ask Oliver for a turn. Oliver didn't take the hint and wanted to continue to ride. Collin then, in his not so polite way but instead in a classic Jerry Springer moment, grabbed Oliver by the hair and yanked him backward. The ride-on was tipped backward on the walk behind piece that Oliver was now sprawled out on... and Collin still had a hold of Oliver's hair and was yelling at him in his Collin-speak, what I can only imagine was something like "I SAID I want a turn now!"

Ethan said, of course: "Collin that is NOT a good choice!"

Okay, admittedly for a moment I laughed at the Jerry Springer aspect of it, how can you not? But Oliver was comforted, Collin was told that was not a good choice and the ride along was put in time out (the twins do not understand time out for themselves yet).

Like we told you Oliver... pay backs are hell.

I am a little worried to see what is to come as they get older...

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