Friday, June 26, 2009


Ethan has been going to KinderZoo with Isaac this month. It was every Friday in June. There they learn about a different region and its animals. They usually talk specifically about one animal in that region - both its characteristics and habitat. Afterwards they walk to that region of the zoo and see some of the animals including the one they learned they concentrated on in class. They also have animal visitors every week. Today it was Chula the Chinchilla. We love to hear him tell us about everything he learned. Our baby is growing up so fast (sniff, sniff).

Ethan said they told them all to say "cheese" which explains why half of them (the boys of course) have their mouths open! Ethan is holding the class sign (he was supposed to hold it up, but oh well).

Today's region was the Himalayas and the animal focus was Markhors. Here is Ethan in his Markhor headband:
Thank you Aunt Amy for taking him! He had a blast!

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