Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our budding computer addicts

The twins have been eyeing the computer for quite some time… well mulling the computer is probably a better way to say it. Collin loves to get the mouse any way he can and he holds it just as he should, clicking away. Oliver’s favorite thing is to sit on the floor in front of the computer box and push button to open and shut the CD/DVD door. Oh, and pull out the wireless internet stick. Both of them like to pound on the keyboard and also pound with the keyboard, as well as finger up the flat screen.

They especially seem to love to do these things when Ethan is playing a game, which makes him oh so happy. Usually I hear “(name of twin) I do NOT like your choice!” Then he typically yells: “Moooommmmm, (name of twin) is making bad choices!” And then just screams and fake cries (which makes me just a tiny bit crazier) and also sometimes cries for real if he was really into what he was doing, because inevitably they have either messed up his game or crashed it.

I do have software for little ones, that is simple enough. I haven’t really had them use it too much since they were so hard on the computer components and have a almost vicious “me too” mode of fighting over things, namely Collin ripping everything out of Oliver’s hands. But as they are getting older we decided to try it. They both sat happily on the chair and played with it together (there is no way to play separately unless one is sleeping). Collin manned the mouse for the most part with the occasional tap on the keyboard. Oliver manned the keyboard mainly. This program has a few different “games” but in the one we did it was showing the letter and saying the name. It is activated or changed by the keyboard (whatever letter or number you hit shows on screen and says the letter, the mouse and keys other than letters and numbers change the background color). As it said the letters, Oliver would repeat them.

Maybe we are ready for them to use the computer… if we can get Collin to not push him off the chair!

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