Saturday, June 13, 2009

Seriously Collin

That might have been a phrase I uttered once or twice today. Truth be told... "Seriously [insert each child's name]" is a common occurrence around here. Today, it was mostly Collin.

I discovered today that if we don't latch the dishwasher closed, Collin now knows how to open it and use it as a step stool.
But whatever could he be after... ohhhhhhh...
And though we put all the blinds up far enough that they cannot reach them, they will still find a way.

BTW, he was in his diaper because I ran upstairs to get their clothes this morning and when I came back he was on the dishwasher. Then as I was dressing the other two (because Collin took off in a sprint) in the family room, I heard a noise and turned to see him at the window. So, all of that within five minutes... first thing this morning... precursor for the day...

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