Thursday, June 25, 2009

A call out for help

Friends and family - please pray for Matthew, Jen, Jeremie and Darren. Please send happy thoughts to all of them and pray that the cancer will leave his body... very soon. As you all know, it's still there and it's just such a hard journey for a family - all families. They need support and prayers and the more the better!

Below is Matthew's caringbridge site. Feel free to read the journals of this journey, particularly Wednesday (June 24 th) where Jen talks about just how hard this is. And if you are comfortable, please leave them a note in the guestbook. It would mean a lot, even if you don't know them (at this point there are a lot of readers they don't know) but each comment helps lift them up and give them the support they need. Like Jen said (in the post on the 24th), they/she is in one of the valleys of this roller coaster ride... I feel they need all the happy thoughts and prayers they can get sent their way!

At the Miracle Network Telethon. Matthew got a medal.

The cutest photo ever of Jen and Matthew at the relay!

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