Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Memories from the first year

Lauren finished her first year of high school yesterday. Overall, she enjoyed it but with anything it had its ups and downs. Her favorite things about high school maybe weren’t high school at all, but the new found freedoms she has been getting slowly with this age. Those are: walking around the mall without us trailing them; going to the movies, again, without us sitting behind them; early release days and getting to walk home with friends, and the like.

To celebrate her last day of school, she wanted to go out to eat – which is a rarity in our house. I, of course, forgot the camera in my rush to pack a bag with snacks and diapers while the twins cried…er… scream cried at the top of their lungs due to the deviation of their normal routine (wee bit stress felt by all). So I have no shots of this event (and it’s truly an event when we go out) and since as you know I am photo crazy, I’m a little disappointed. Lauren got frozen strawberry daiquiri to celebrate the end of ninth grade… of the non alcoholic variety of course.

Just for fun to document the year, I asked Lauren some questions regarding this last school year.

Favorite class: Acting, I enjoyed learning to act and doing skits... but I hated the pantomiming. It was so embarrassing.

Favorite teacher: Mr. Mahony our English teacher - he was funny.

Favorite school event: Homecoming football game and bonfire

Favorite social event: Going to the premiere of Twilight

Favorite lunch from cafeteria: The chicken basket, cappuccino and cookies

Locker number: Something, something 96

Best day: I'm not sure.

Worst day: The third nine week's grade card... oh, and pantomiming.

Best memories: Lots of sleepovers with Brooke!

Onto tenth grade we go... can anyone believe that?

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Krissy said...

Congrats Lauren!
Keep an eye out for any movies you wanna see this summer. I'll come down some time, and we can mall it up one day!

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