Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cookie backfire

As you know, I love the Westerville Farmer's Market (I'm a geek... what can I say). One of the many awesome vendors is a goody baker that makes all kinds of fabulous things of the savory and sweet nature - both bad for you (in a yummy way) and good for you (in a healthy way). In her 'health nut' line, I found carrot oatmeal cookies. Ahhh... can you say special treat with benefit? It has all kinds of good stuff; the ingredients start with carrots, oatmeal, unbleached flour, walnuts, wheat bran, wheat germ, sesame seeds, poppy seeds... get the picture? The boys love them.

So, you say, why did I say cookie backfire? It seems to be another victory for mommy... right? Yes, it is... only if mommy is at work the morning after she gives them said cookies. Did you see all the fiber products listed? Do you understand the meaning of the word backfire now? ALL DAY backfire to be more specific.

Note to self: only give these to the boys the nights that I work the next day.

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