Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hello... Jenny??

All four kids love talking on the phone. For the youngest two, it is the play phone that gives them the most thrills. We have several play phones but their favorite seems to be an old blue Fisher Price phone (that I think Steve found at Once Upon a Child).

But here's the best part about that phone...check out the number - 867-5309.
I wonder if Tommy Tutone gets royalties?! Of course, Steve and I like to break into the song when we see the number - how can you not when you see that number? However, I have informed the boys that not one of them is to ever call "Jenny." They just stare at me blankly... day we will have that conversation again I am sure.

Ethan takes even his play phone conversations seriously... here he is on the phone with the Justice League (of which you know he is a part) discussing the most current emergency and what they all will do to resolve it (I am not kidding!). Thus the serious face as he is giving his advice.
Steve and I laugh endlessly over Ethan's many faces. The raised eyebrow is a signature Ethan face... for serious discussions... usually of the super hero nature.
"Ganoculars" (aka binoculars) - a necessary accessory for every super hero!

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Tricia said...

Jenny, Jenny who can I turn to. You give me something I can hold on to...Now I'll be singing that song ALL day. It is a cute story though. OH...and by the way, did Ethan even stand a chance of not being a superhero?

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