Sunday, January 11, 2009

Time traveling... August 2008

There are just too many moments from the last six months not to share...

**bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop** (=> time travel sound of course!)
Come with me to August 2008...

Ethan learned how to ride his bike! Forever the pedal motion just stumped him and he is a "quick to move on" kind of kid. So, we got braces that fit on the pedals and basically Velcro your feet so they stay in place (we got the idea from a friend)... and wala it worked! He only needed the braces for a week! He was SO proud of himself! He said to me "I KNEW I could do it mom!" (yes, I shed a tear of pride and joy!) Of course he went from 0 to 100... in that we had to then run after him as he liked to pedal as fast as he could from that point on.
Naked playing... (come on... I had to!) :)

The big ONE! The twins first birthday. On their birthday I treated them to carrot muffins after dinner (what?! they are only one - they thought they were good!) - Collin liked his more than Oliver. Does anyone see the difference in how the hats fit?? Hee, hee.

The twins first haircuts! Mind you Ethan was 15 months when he got his first one and at that hair cutter said "seriously, if I cut his hair he will be bald!" Granted, he didn't have much hair but there was definitely some mullet action happening in the back at that point. Anyhow, the twins did pretty well. Oliver had much more than Collin to remove, which completely changed his look! Aren't they cute?

Ethan's first stitches - seven!! Dancing with Lauren in the living room to some music and fell into the coffee table (the living room is not as child proof as the family room I guess... and Ethan takes after mommy... a bit of a klutz!). I learned an important piece of information that day... the capillaries in your head tend to... well... there's no other way to say this... they shoot out blood and LOTS of it. So, maybe next time this happens (I have three boys... it's gonna happen again!), I won't freak out quite as much. At any rate, the photo below is hilarious and shows what a ham he is... that and it was 10 pm by the time we got back home, the Children's urgent care gave him a Popsicle (which as you know he never gets) and I think he was just delirious from the entire event overall. :)
Twins... er... thing one and thing two that is... birthday party... yes, it's REAL cake! (because of copyright laws, thing one and thing two could only resemble them but not be exact) Again, Collin liked it better than Oliver... check out the difference in the aftermath.

Lauren's first day of high school... can you believe it?! She seems to like it and is enjoying life as a shopping at the mall and going to the movies with her friends, but without parents following them! : )

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Tricia said...

They grow up way too fast! Next kids in Kindergarten...Lauren college...Hannah highschool...UGH! I'm stopping now. thanks for sharing

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