Saturday, January 10, 2009

Collin's new trick...

Last week Collin started a new trick... flipping over the rail into Oliver's crib! OH YES, we are so happy about that! : ) As some of you know, due to the size and layout of the room (door, window, closet), the only way to put their cribs is side by side. So, Collin has discovered this new ability (the cribs have been side by side from birth), which leads to tens of visits (from us) to their room at nap and bedtime to retrieve him. Fun! He, of course, thinks it's hilarious. Oliver thinks it's fun too, most of the time, but sometimes he wants to just sleep and gets very irritated with Collin. Last night when I was at the store, and I wish Steve got this on video, Steve walked in on them "dancing" together. Oliver was behind Collin with his hands on Collin's shoulders and both were just bee bopping. Steve said he swears if they could talk they would have said "Hey Dad, what's up?" Ha!

Here's a documented flip from today's nap...

Mind you, this is the kid that can't walk unassisted (though he has been walking along furniture since late summer). He CAN get up on the sofas, he CAN get on the end tables, he CAN get into their GIANT tote of mega blocks (which is the place he likes to build with them - sitting in them), and he has been a few weeks gross motor behind Oliver the entire time (and Oliver can't do this), BUT he can NOT yet walk on his own. I'm telling you, this is foreshadowing for that is to come once he CAN walk!

Now, I am sure some of you are thinking "well, at least it wasn't to the floor" and certainly that has been on our minds all week. Graciously Collin brought that thought (er... fear) to reality yesterday. Erin, our babysitter, said she walked in just as Collin was heading over the side HEAD first and FORTUNATELY flipped on the way down and landed on his rear on the floor. She said he cried until she picked him up, which was momentarily, then he laughed. Sigh... Needless to say, we are investigating crib nets. If anyone has any advice, please share. They are too young for toddler beds yet, so... netting him in is all we can think to do.

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